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Tierre Group. High performance fittings.

Tierre Group is a leading Italian company, who specialise in the manufacture of fittings for pneumatic, fluids, food and chemical applications. The experienced management team are open to the evolving market and have established Tierre Group as a leading manufacturer capable of supplying a full range of reliable solutions, with fast deliveries and a comprehensive customer service. Due to its highly qualified technical team, Tierre Group are able to offer specially designed products to the customers exact specification. The company has diversified and can now plan, develop and distribute high performance solutions in many different fitting sectors. The new NET.Fit product range has evolved from extensive research and development, which makes it suitable for even the most demanding applications. The telecommunication market required a specially designed product that could cope with the aggressive environments that render standard products unfit for that application.

Future comes first.

Tierre Group is a company of qualified, professional people, who are committed to offering the best performance and customer service to its customers. We also believe in quality investments, and global consultation with our partners to form long lasting collaboration with our suppliers, which ultimately offers stability and continuity to the customer.

Passion and profession.

Tierre Group is not just a simple specialised fitting supplier, we offer our customers and commercial partners the most comprehensive range of high-quality products, available on a quick delivery basis, due to exceptional logistics and forward planning. Tierre Group believes in the continuous dialogue with its customers and suppliers, because we believe the best ideas come from the reciprocal exchange of information and the synergy of a good working relationship between customer and supplier.

Italy, Europe, World.

Tierre Group is present in most European markets, especially in Central and Northern Europe, and is partners with many global players. Our products conform to the highest standards and are certified to both European and International standards.